This room was designed in the Art Nouveau style. The theme had been inspired by the work of Alfons Mucha, the Four Arts (Dance, Painting, Poetry, Music). In his series celebrating the arts, the artist refrained from using traditional attributes such as goose, musical instruments and art materials. Instead, it focuses on the creative inspiration of natural beauty by giving each a canvas arts funding relating to a natural time of day: for Dance, leaves a morning breeze made twirl for Painting, flower illuminated by the midday sun for Poetry, the contemplation of the countryside rises when the evening star, and Music, the birds singing moonrise

Paneling and millwork solid oak were created and made ​​in Belgium, inspired by the work of the cabinetmaker Liège Serrurier-Bovy. The carvings were made ​entirely by hand in cherry wood. The wooden floor is also solid oak, posed traditionally.

Table and chairs. Internet plug & WiFi.